Silence is golden!


Happy Monday!

I can’t speak for all mothers, but I know personally when I became a mother I started paying attention to things I never really acknowledged before. Like lawnmowers, snowblowers, fast cars with loud music and blaring drums coming from a neighbours house. Things that can interrupt silence. Specifically during nap time 😉 My son has always been a great napper!  95% of the time, I put him down with his nummy, blanket and lullaby and walk away and he falls to sleep right away, or he talks to himself or plays until he tires himself out. Either way, it’s awesome. That is what makes the days when he fights his naps much more frustrating because I wonder what his problem is, why he is pretending he doesn’t like his sleep all of a sudden. But when he naps I do something I shouldn’t do. I tiptoe around the house, trying my best not to make a sound. I have gotten a lot better over the past few months but I will admit that when he was younger I wouldn’t flush the toilet for fear of waking him! haha! Once I even took my slippers off walking down the hall (I laugh as I write this but it’s true, ask my sister). Ridiculous I know, but I was just paranoid. As a mother, the last thing you want is an interrupted nap!

I don’t know why I try so hard to create silence because when my hubby is home, there is no such thing. Trust me, there is nothing quiet about him. haha! We watch a movie and I want the volume on 9, he’ll turn it up on 20. He always wins. I guess he’s not afraid of me (or of the baby waking up). Yet A sleeps through it all. He even slept in an airport, on an airport chair, with the announcements going on overhead and people walking by so I don’t know why I am so afraid that the sound of me brushing my teeth will wake him up. It’s irrational, I know! And not healthy either because the last thing I need is for him to get used to silence while he sleeps or he’ll turn into a light sleeper. Plus, once he goes to daycare there won’t be silence during his naps.

I have gotten better but there are still a few things in my house we aren’t allowed to do during nap time. For one, my husband is not allowed to open the garage door (since it is directly underneath A’s room) or make smoothies (that blender is deafening)! lol. That is fair isn’t it? Or am I actually not improving in my paranoia at all? It’s normal to be a little bit quiet when a baby is sleeping right? Someone reassure me that I am not alone in this 😉

 I need to remind myself that the world doesn’t stop because my son is sleeping.  Even if it did, I’m pretty sure A would sleep through it.

Hugs & smiles,