Change (the one consistent thing in life)


Life is all about change. Something I have never handled very well. Even when I was younger and I would change the furniture in my room around, just for a change, I could never sleep the first night because I wasn’t used to the new location of my bed. But you adapt. You don’t always have a choice. Like when you have a baby.

My sister and I always joke about how babies should be born with a manual. They should also send out memos when they are going to change things up and interrupt our schedules, whether it be for teething, a growth spurt or just for fun! A heads up would always be nice ūüėČ

I am all about routine and always have been. I quickly learned that once you have a baby, there is no such thing. Not really. Not 100%. Not at this age anyways.¬†Things¬†still seem to change fairly regularly, even thought I try my best to keep things consistent. It seemed to be working because over the past few weeks Aiden has been on a pretty regular schedule. He¬†was¬†waking (bedtime is almost always the same, give or¬†take a half hour),¬†eating and napping at pretty much the same time each day. It was awesome! I could make plans at certain times of the day because I knew whether Aiden would be awake or not (if you are a parent of a small baby, you know this isn’t always an easy thing to do. Make lunch plans for 1pm and you are asking for your child to need a 1pm nap time that day). But of course, since last weekend he has changed things up, messing with our routine. He is teething pretty hard and it has affected everything from his mood to his sleep. At least that is what I blame it on, teething! He is waking up at night, which is pretty strange for him. We had an episode back in January where he suffered from what the doctors thought were night terrors (pretty scary, don’t wanna relive that month), but now he wakes in the middle of the night, in what seems like pain, and once we calm him down enough to go back to bed he decides he hates his crib and doesn’t want to go back to sleep. He just wants to be up in my arms. This results in being up for an hour, sometimes 2. Anyways, that has been my life for the past 4 nights. My husband works overnights so 3 of the 4 nights I was alone. Makes for a cranky and tired mommy. Not so much baby. He wakes up in the morning and is all geared to play. He used to sit and play in his crib for 20 minutes or so before I’d go to him but now the second he is awake, he lets me know. Again, another change! AHHH! Things change by the day it seems. I keep wondering if tomorrow will be the day where he’ll revert back to his ‘old’ fairly predictable routine of last week! Fingers crossed! Or perhaps this is his new normal….well even if it is, I am sure he’ll change things up in a little while. He is definitely not boring (and most definitely is cute). I guess it is all up to him. He is the boss. He makes the rules. I learned that early too

It’s inevitable. Life is all about change. ¬†I just wish there was a memo so I could plan for it ūüėČ

Hugs & smiles,