ME Time!


Happy Monday!

Sorry I haven’t been blogging for the past few days but I have been busy with our in-laws visiting. Busy, as in I have been trying to take time for myself, taking advantage of the help. It can be hard having no family around in the sense that I feel like A is missing out on knowing his family.  But it is also hard work not having support. It is also all I have ever known so I don’t have anything to compare it to. Having my mother- in-law here to get up with Aiden in the morning, to help feed him, watch him while I go out and simply to have a new face to entertain him has been super!

One thing I don’t do enough of is take time for myself. It is hard when I don’t have a relative to call and ask to come watch A on short notice so I can run an errand. It is also hard when you don’t have your best friends close by to visit and chat with (in person). When my husband is home, I try to get in as much family time as possible, so we run errands and hang out as a family. But I sometimes forget that I need to make time for myself too. Not Mommy, but Sonya. I need to get out on my own, let my hubby care for the baby and leave the house. Perhaps I should go for a walk, or I could spice things up and walk the aisles of the drugstore aimlessly or go to the mall and buy myself something! The point is to spend some time alone, without the baby. It is good for me. It is good for ALL mothers!

Last night, while the in-laws were here, my husband and I hopped in the car and went for a drive and stopped for ice cream. It felt sooooooooooo strange being out without A.  Almost like we forgot something. But at the same time, it felt like old times. It was nice to get a break. We’ve gone one a few dates since he was born, but not many. Again, it is hard when you don’t have family to depend on to babysit. Our dates are usually us sitting on the couch watching a movie (aka me falling asleep). It’s really romantic 😉 haha. We went out on a date about a month ago and I got  dressed up…..I think my hubby was surprised to see my out of my comfy pants 😉 haha! I am sorry, but this Mommy does not wear jeans around the house. I’d like to meet one mom who does.

Well one more day until the in-laws leave……I hear a manicure calling my name for tomorrow! Might as well pamper myself seeing as I work so hard 😉

Hugs & Smiles


p.s. I realize after re-reading this post that to an outsider I am making myself sound like someone who has no social life, who wanders creepily around drugstores wearing jogging pants. That is not the case. I don’t think it is…. Oh shit, is it??? LOL