What to expect

This past weekend I went to a movie with a friend (see, I DO get out of the house)! We are both new moms so we thought it would be fun to go see the movie ‘What to expect when you are expecting’, which is based on the book with the same name. I have the book, and I will recommend that every pregnant woman buy it. Seriously, I would have carried it around in my purse if it wasn’t so heavy. It answered so many of my questions and concerns during pregnancy from what foods and medicines to avoid to what the common minor aches and pains associated with pregnancy are. You name it, it is in the book! Best book EVER! I even bought the ‘What to expect in the first year’ and it is the closest thing to a baby manual as you can get. I am hoping they come out with other editions up to and including ‘what to expect in the 18th year’ 😉 

Anyways, although I expected more laughs from the movie I did enjoy it. The story lines were good and it was something I could relate to seeing as it wasn’t that long ago I was pregnant. There is a scene in the movie where one of the moms, who had been trying 2 years to get pregnant, finally got pregnant and it wasn’t as glorious as she thought it would be. She wanted to have that glow, and not the sweat kind. The glow everyone talks about a pregnant woman having. There was one scene where she just broke down (in public) about how pregnancy sucks. It was hilarious!! It was so real….there is nothing glowing about hemorrhoids for example 😉 Another part of the movie I liked was that there were a group of stay at home dad’s who used to meet at the park with their babies in tow. One of the rules of the group was ‘no judgement’. The things they were doing with their babies were obviously extreme, but the no judgement rule overall I think is an important one. I have been guilty of it myself (judging other mothers) more so before I was a mom. I would hear of a mother doing something that I probably wouldn’t do (or thought I wouldn’t do) and comment how I would never do that, no matter what. I call BULLSHIT (a line stolen from the movie). Who was I to judge other mother’s for doing whatever it took to get their baby to stop crying, to sleep or to eat. I now realize that sometimes you just have to do what works. Especially at 3am when your baby won’t stop crying. Would I necessarily do what all other mothers do? No. But whatever works for them and whatever keeps their child healthy and happy is what matters and who am I to judge? Of course, if they are doing something neglectful than yes, sure, but for example if a mom is breastfeeding longer than I think necessary, what is it to me?? I worry about my own son and what works for him. Raising a child is not a competition either. Every child develops differently so you shouldn’t compare Sally to Joe, simply because they are the same age. It’s easy to do, but try not to.

Before I actually gave birth I used to HATE watching labor & delivery scenes in movies or on TV. I will never forget the movie Knocked Up, where they actually show the baby ‘crowning’. I almost passed out in the movie theatre. Someone should have warned me! Seriously! Anyways, since I have been through it myself I figured those scenes wouldn’t bother me anymore. Heck, was I wrong!! There were a few labor scenes in the movie (but no crowning scene, thank god!!!) and I was so squirmish. I even caught myself turning away from the screen, having flash backs to when I was in labor. It was the longest 5 minutes of the movie. Just like in real life, the moment the baby was in the mother’s arms I had tears in my eyes, ready to spill. Those scenes also affect me more now too, because I have also been through that not too long ago.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie. Again, I love that book. It is broke down by month so you can read along as you progress week to week to see ‘what your body should be feeling and is experiencing’ and how big the baby is. It really does tell you what to expect…..when you are expecting. It does it’s best to prepare you for the best thing that will ever happen to you. Money well spent in my mind.

Hugs & Smiles,