Order Please


Happy Wednesday!

I am known for being neat. I love to have things in order….is there anything wrong with that? Well I guess there is when you become obsessed (which I admit I kinda have). Immaculate…that is how I like things to be. Every piece of clothing in my closet belongs on a certain hanger, if you move anything in my house from it’s allocated space, I will immediately move it back. I kid you not when I tell you that when I was younger, my siblings, friends and even my now hubby would play tricks on me – they would move something in my bedroom to see how long it would take me to figure it out. I could have set world records I figured it out so fast. You can’t fool me! My  hubby would go a step above everyone else and actually tear apart my bed, throw my comforter in a pile in the middle of the bed and pillows on the floor, just to see my reaction (he’s lucky I married him! haha!). I squirm now even thinking about those tricks. How mean!! 

I will openly admit that perhaps I get a bit carried away, but I can’t help it! For example (and this is the only example you will get), in my kitchen cupboards, the cereal boxes are in a certain order. The multi-grain cheerios are always to the left of the regular cheerio’s. ALWAYS. The only other person I think would appreciate this fact would be Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory and he doesn’t even exist in real life! Bazinga!

I bet you are asking yourself how in the world I manage having a baby (almost 1 year old) in my house, tearing the place apart and causing many messes? Aside from the dried food crumbs on the kitchen floor, surprisingly, my house is still clean, neat and in order. The exception, of course, is his play area of the living room but I have to come to accept that that will never really be in order (although the toy organizer helps). There are still times when he is playing and drops a toy and moves onto another one where I will go over behind him and pick it up and put it away. Without even thinking!! I am getting better though! He must get so irritated with me because minutes later he will go get it again. I bet he is baby cursing at me in his head!! I don’t blame him. I know I have to get over this, and fast, as he gets older. When he was a newborn I couldn’t take the time to rest and relax, when he was napping, I was doing the dishes and laundry because I needed things in order. I physically took a longer time to recover from labor/delivery and had a few complications and my doctor told me it was because I was on my feet too much. I didn’t take the time my body needed to sit down and relax. I couldn’t help it…..seriously, I was like a machine.

In my kitchen, his bottles are lined up on the counter (in a certain order) and his plates/spoons/sippy cups all have a certain place. Goodness, it makes life so much easier (for me)! But as A gets older, I know things will change and the order in my house (and life) that I love so much will be lost. Which is fine, because the last thing I want for A is to feel like he can’t live and play in his own house for fear of making a mess. He can! I can be fun too! I just clean up the mess as soon as we are done 😉 Or perhaps I will make the clean up part of the fun. I do have to teach him to clean up after himself after all. He will learn early on to make his bed and keep his room clean. I guess it’ll be fine if he returns the cheerios box to the wrong place…..I’ll get over that (or more than likely I’ll move it when he isn’t looking). Nobody is perfect, right??

Hugs & Smiles,