Happy Saturday and Happy Birthday to my little boy!

Today I am the Mother of a 1 year old. Wow. My son may be 52 weeks old, but honestly in some ways it feels like I just brought him home from the hospital. Time goes by so very fast. I thought I’d feel sad today. I thought I’d look at his early pictures, when he was just born and days old, and shed a tear. But I haven’t! So far anyways 😉

When I look at those pictures, I remember the joy I felt the day he was born. But I also breathe a sigh of relief. Why? Because I am happy to be past those early days when he seemed so fragile. Days when all he did was eat, sleep, and poop. Well he still does those things of course, but there is a lot of playing, smiling, laughing, almost walking and baby babbling in between. He is at such a fun age and so full of life! So I guess that is why I am not sad today. I love that he is 1 year old! I love that he has brought so much joy and love into my life for 52 weeks already, and I look forward to the years we have together, until I live to be 111 and then let him go on without me 😉

I think back on all the milestones of the weeks gone by. His first smile (wait, is that gas or a smile?), laugh, the first time he rolled over, sat up, stood up, said his first word, etc. His first needle, the first time he had to get blood work and I cried harder than he did as I sang to him, holding on for dear life. They are all etched into my mind, as if each one happened yesterday. It is amazing to watch him grow. I love the bond we have, a bond that has only grown stronger with time. I love the connection we have, that no one can soothe him the way I can. I love the way he smiles at me when I walk into a room as if he hasn’t seen me in a long time when I was only away from him for a second.

It amazes me how much A has grown and learned over the last year. When he started daycare 2 weeks ago I doubted how well he would adjust.  Everyone told me that he would be fine, but I needed to live through it myself to believe it. I underestimated him I guess, because by the second week he was adjusted. He naps and eats well at the sitter’s, but he is now playing! Yay! This is a big step because at first he found comfort only in his sitter’s arms. Now, he is playing with his new little friends. He seems to be having fun! That makes me very happy. He is a very happy little boy and I am glad that he is showing his true colors in the presence of someone else, other than his parents.

Becoming a Mother changes you. Physically, well that goes without saying (seriously, how can I get rid of these last 5lbs)? But mentally as well. When you go through labor and delivery, it is like a superwoman appears from within to get you through it. That superwoman never goes away. Once you push that baby from your body, an unwritten contract is created, stating that as a Mother, you agree to love and protect that child for the rest of your days. You become so strong and protective over this little tiny human that is so very much a part of you. You agree that without question, you would give your life for this child. That is certainly how I feel so I assume that is how every other Mother feels. Motherhood is certainly not something you enter into lightly. If you are not prepared to be Superwoman (in many ways), you are not ready to be a Mom.

For 365 days now I have been a Mother. It seems like yesterday I was looking at the pregnancy tests (yes, plural) in shock that I was going to be someone’s Mommy! I will smile today as I celebrate the past year of my son’s life. And no matter how old he gets, I will always celebrate the fact that he will always be my baby.

 Hugs & Smiles,



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