Room 404


Happy Friday!

Last night we did something for the first time since having Aiden (and unfortunately, no, unlike the Tostitos commercial on TV, we did not sleep in). The three of us stayed overnight in a hotel. Well it wasn’t a hotel, it was a very fancy and luxurious golf resort and spa. We booked the Romance Escape package. And yes, we took our son. There were flowers, truffles and wine in the room. And plenty of space for a playpen.

What other choice do you have when you don’t have family around to spend the night with your baby so you can have a night away with your hubby? But you know what, it wasn’t 100% that.  Both myself and my hubby wanted to take A. Maybe we are wimps because we haven’t been away from him overnight before, but we thought it’d be fun for the little guy. And us. We were right.

Spending the night somewhere other than your home is totally different when you have a baby. There is so much stuff to bring it is unreal. You would think we were going for a month, not one night. I could not risk running out of food, snacks or milk for him. Yet I didn’t have anything for myself (again I found myself eating Mum Mum’s). Not only that but I forgot my toothbrush and paste. For those of you who know me, this caused me to panic. I was happy when I found out they had dental kits at reception. Phew. Crises averted! Me having no tooth brush would be like A having no diapers. Shitty.

So we go to this fancy resort (where George Bush and Tiger Woods have stayed before I might add) and it is not hard to tell that they don’t have children as guests very often. Why would they really, it is a golf resort and spa? But anyways, here we were, carting around a one year old from place to place. We had some strange looks and I am sure there were many people who were hoping they weren’t staying in the Suite next to ours. Even the waitress at the restaurant didn’t look overly thrilled when I asked for a highchair. She was also laughing a few minutes later when my son would fake laugh whenever the 20 business men wearing golf attire would laugh at the table next to us.

My hubby golfed, I had a massage, we went for a tour of the resort, we napped and we went swimming. Sure there were some things we didn’t do because we had A with us, like go to the formal dining room for dinner (apparently me not having anything other than sandals to wear prevented that from happening anyways). So what! We ordered room service. How often do you get to enjoy a meal and leave the dishes outside your door for someone else to worry about? We didn’t get to go for an evening stroll or go for a drink at the bar. We were in bed by 10pm. We didn’t sleep in. We had a 1 year old up and ready to go at 6am, ready to explore the new environment. We were up and gone by 8:30am before nap time.

This is just another way having a baby (or I guess I should say toddler now) changes things. I have never left a note for housekeeping before apologizing for the little peanut butter handprints on the floor and glass door. But hey, there is a first for everything. It was a first of many new experiences but it was a good one. We took over 100 pics to show for our first family mini-vacation. It may not have been romantic, but it was fun and memorable. We drank the wine and ate the truffles  – all while the baby slept in the playpen.

Hugs & Smiles,



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