The Big P


Happy Thursday!

This is easy for me to say seeing as I didn’t breastfeed for longer than 9 days, but sometimes I wish babies were born with teeth. Teething sucks. For the baby for obvious reasons, but for Mom’s (and Dad’s too). It is so hard to watch your child in pain and know that there really isn’t anything you can do to help. Sure, I’ve tried every teething toy around. I’ve freezed face cloths, I’ve tried amber teething necklaces, homeopathic meds and of course, good ol’ reliable Advil & Tylenol (not at the same time). Nothing REALLY works. The drugs of course take the edge off more than anything else but I don’t want to be constantly pumping my son with drugs every 6-8 hours. BUT if it helps, is it worse NOT to give it to him? Oh the decisions we have to make as parents.

”A” started teething at 2 months, had his first 2 teeth by 4 months. The rest is a blur. He now has 12. His bottom molars didn’t really cause him much grief. They caused me grief from the puddle of drool that he created. He was like a slug I swear. You could see where he was from the drool on the floor! But this past week or so his top molars have come through and it has not been pretty. Or maybe the non-prettiness has nothing to do with molars. Who knows! I just blame his ”off” behaviour on teething. Either that or it is the dreaded P word…..PHASE!

It is so easy to blame everything on teething. When A is out of sorts, not sleeping well, eating less or pooping more, has a fever, pulling his ears, has a diaper rash….well he MUST be teething, right?!?!! You never really know because they can’t tell you. Although the knawing on his finger, bleeding from the gums (that was a scary sight) and buckets of drool coming from his little mouth do speak volumes, I do wish he could tell me!

This past couple of weeks A has been very whiney (which he is not ordinarily), clingy (to me especially) and the worst part is he is throwing these crazy crying fits. If he doesn’t get his own way, look out, he will start crying and clench his fists or start smacking his toys. I just walk away because there is no way I am reinforcing that behavior. Not only that but because I need to count to 10 myself before I start throwing the same kinda fit. It is not fun. Is it a coincidence that his molars are popping through? Is it his age? If it is not teeth related, please let this be a phase so I can keep telling myself the words that I have been reassured by other Mom’s many times….this too shall pass.

I sure hope it does pass because this behaviour is so out of character for A. He isn’t like it all day everyday but he has his moments. It doesn’t help that we are literally sweating to death in this heat, so maybe that is making things worse. It reaches close to 40 degrees with the humidex almost everyday. A spends most of his time in his diaper. I am so warm I wonder if I can get away with walking around my house in only an adult diaper? Probably not. Maybe if we had no windows. Then again, I don’t think my husband would find ‘matching diapers’ on his son and wife overly appealing 😉

Babies go through so many phases. And so far, in the past 14 months, ‘this too shall pass’ has proven accurate. I remember at 6 weeks when A had a growth spurt I was convinced he had colic. That lasted 9 days and ended as fast as it started. The full 6 weeks of night terrors (which the real doctor and Dr. Mom contribute to teething) at 7 months also ended abruptly. The not wanting to sleep in his crib (and instead move around) when he learned to crawl also passed. So I am holding my breath and waiting for this to end too.

If babies go through so many phases, can’t us Mother’s? I mean, when they are out of sorts it totally throws us off too! So when I have a bad day and am cranky, I will try to milk the phase thing. But I am pretty sure the word that will come to my husband’s mind won’t begin with a P, but instead a B 😉

For now, I will just keep waiting for this Big P to pass.

Hugs & Smiles,



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