Your backyard friends


Happy Sunday!

Ladies and gentleman, we have a walker! Our little guy officially walks, and is getting faster by the day. One day he took 5 steps, the next day he took 10 and then there was no turning back….he was on a roll! Goodbye crawling! It was amazing to watch honestly. He’s discovering the world more and more everyday, looking at cars and saying “car car”, looking at the oven and pointing “hot”, bobbing his head when he hears music and putting his hands on his face and doing the Home Alone ‘AHHHHH’. I take credit for that one 😉

While A found his feet, this Mom dusted off her dancing shoes and went out on the town with a few friends for a few drinks and dances. This was my first time doing this in a long time, well 2 years really! It felt good, yet weird at the same time.

Boy, have things changed since I was in my 20’s. I remember going out and buying specific clothing to wear to the bars. Nothing trampy or anything, just something you wouldn’t wear to work. Something that you wish you hadn’t worn after you had 2 or 3 drinks in and the bloating started. Obviously my weekend Mommy attire (joggers and a shirt) would not be an acceptable choice. And some of my old shirts from my bar hopping days were nowhere to be found, which is probably a good thing because I am sure they wouldn’t fit the same or look as flattering as they did 10 years ago. So I found a shirt that I felt good in and didn’t have MOM written all over it (or milk, food or handprints), put it on, along with some eye shadow, earrings and my version of heels and I was on my way!

Of course before I left I had to take a nap. Come on,  my day had started before 6am so there was no way I would make it past 9pm without a nap. I knew that even with a nap I probably wouldn’t make it past midnight, but damn it, I was gonna try!

The act of ‘going out’ has changed so much since I was in my 20’s, but even moreso since I had my son. Do you think I could just let loose and forget about what was going on at home? Nope. I texted a few times wondering how A was. I guess it’s a Mom thing because my husband has no problem going out for a few beers, worry free. Without texting to check in. How come I couldn’t do that? For one evening? Maybe practice makes perfect and I need to get out more.

The entire evening I would remind myself that I had to get up with A the next morning, seeing as my husband wouldn’t be home. Nothing puts a damper on an evening more than counting down the hours until you have to get up with a 15 month old and watch The Backyardigans on Treehouse. Seriously, you don’t need to mix those two things together- a hangover and colorful dancing and singing animals. But as drinks were poured, shots were had and food was eaten, the Backyardigans didn’t seem all that bad.

Well I had a few dances, dancing like you do when you’re alone in your kitchen (or with just a small infant as your audience). I had a man more than twice my age tell me that he could watch me smile all night (creepy) and I had some laughs with some friends. I was ME for a night, not Mommy. It felt great to get out and have some fun and I vowed to do it more often.

I got in the cab at 11:58pm. I was asleep by 12:10am. Whether or not I dozed off in the back seat during the car ride home, I will never tell. But what I will tell you is the next morning when my son woke up at 6:30am, I picked him up, gave him his sippy cup of milk and we cuddled on the couch watching The Backyardigans. I was thankful my head didn’t hurt, but even if it had, I knew there was nowhere else in this world I would have rather been.

Hugs & Smiles,