You go first


Happy Saturday and Happy Easter!

I’ve always been pee shy. I hate public washrooms and will avoid them if at all possible. I was never one of those girls who needed two or three girlfriends to go to the washroom with me. It’s not a place to hang out, there’s only room for one (no matter the size of the washroom). I pee in private thank you very much. Even after a few drinks at a bar, I’d find myself letting people go ahead of me in line so there’d be less people around.

Why am I telling you this? Because now I can’t be alone. Well I CAN but I never get a chance to. I always have a little boy who follows me around and says ‘pee pee’ as soon as he seems me walking towards the bathroom. He just stands there, smiling! I don’t remember what it is like to go to the washroom and be able to close the door. Sure, I can close them both (we have one main washroom door and one that leads to our bedroom) but since A has long ago figured out how to open doors, what’s the point? I could lock them, sounds easy enough, but there is nothing more exhausting than the sound of little palms banging on a door, a doorknob being turned repeatedly and ‘MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY” being shouted while you are trying to take 30 seconds to yourself to pee! I am willing myself to hurry up, just to make the noise stop. So yeah, I just leave the door open. He can follow if he wants. I’ve lost this fight.

I even find myself running off to the washroom at times when he is busy, like in his chair eating, so I can pee in private even if I don’t have to go. I sure as heck am gonna try. It’s like a luxury not to have an audience these days. I saw a picture posted on Facebook of a bathroom door closed and a kids fingers poking out from underneath the door with a funny caption. I don’t even remember what it said because it was the picture that made me laugh. I have been there. I have seen the fingers under the door. “I know you are in there Mommy, how dare you try to escape me”.

We even bought A his own potty, so now when I go to the washroom he follows and starts taking off his pants. This is it, I think, this is the moment. ‘PEE PEE’ I ask?? ”Okay” he says! So I help him out of his pants and diaper and he sits down and the roles are reversed, he is on the potty and I am standing there smiling and watching. Only I wait and I listen and I offer a treat if he does his pee! But nothing. Not yet anyways. It will come, in time. He knows what it is for, he just needs to do it. We haven’t started actively training him yet but he’s off to a good start.

Why are toddlers infatuated with the toilet anyways? He wants his hands in there, he throws my makeup in there. Q-tips, deodorant, toothbrushes, he likes to see it all floating in the toilet bowl. Let’s not forget socks. That was a nice surprise šŸ˜‰ A literally broke the handle on our toilet he flushed it so often. He has cost us a lot of money in wasted toilet tissue as well.

So the purpose of this rant about relieving myself is to remind everyone to never underestimate the freedom of peeing alone. That, coupled with a long hot shower, is like a day at the spa in my books.

Hugs & Smiles



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