Sam I am


Happy Tuesday!

I think I should write a book like Dr. Seuss.  He was on a roll when he wrote “Green eggs and ham”. My story will say “I do not like eggs, ham, cheese, chicken, bread, fruit or veggies. But let’s talk chocolate and popsicles”.

That’s the story of my life these days. “A”  was a good eater since the day he started solids, at 4 months. Not overly picky, would eat so much I didn’t know where he was putting it all. Boy, did that change about 2 months ago. Now, I swear days go by and it seems like he doesn’t have a meal. I feel like a horrible parent. All he eats is crap (for lack of a better word).  I do everything I can to get him to eat something for breakfast, e most important meal of the day. For the longest while I was keeping Sobeys in business with the fruit I was buying and now it sits in the fridge. I waste so much food, it is ridiculous. One day I made him 3 different lunches in hopes that one of them would be a winner! I ended up leaving them all on a plate in the living room for him to pick at while he was playing. Not a chance. He’d sooner skip lunch and come looking for a cereal bar or mum mum half hour later. UGH!

Getting him in his chair is sometimes a struggle in itself, other times he gets in no problem. We sit down as a family to eat supper and he has two bites, that’s it, then he’s done. UP UP UP. Oh COME ON, give me a break child! I feel like he is going to starve!! I get so frustrated! Please tell me this is normal. Someone please tell me this is a phase. My son won’t be living on snacks for the rest of his life, will he? I can see it now, 15 years old, skipping spaghetti and opting for packaged cheese and crackers. Weighing 100 pounds soaken wet.

I guess it’s a good thing I am not a gourmet chef. If I were, it’d be wasted efforts. I thought maybe it was my cooking so we brought him out to supper. Pasta and fries. Oh he ate all right, french fries by the handfuls. From now on, I’ll save my money and make them at home. Although, what he likes one day doesn’t mean he’ll like the next.

Even the old faithfuls, eggs and pizza, he is refusing lately. This morning at 7am, after making him french toast, he wanted a pickle. By 8am he wanted peanut butter (on a spoon, no bread). Then for lunch he wanted a popsicle. He doesn’t always get what he wants…..but sometimes I cave (except for the 7am pickle, that is just nasty). I just like to see him eating SOMETHING!

What he’s not eating, I am. I can’t let perfectly good french toast go to waste now can I? Everyone told me when I was pregnant that I was eating for two, no one said that I’d be doing the same thing when A was 2 years old!  If this keeps up, I’ll soon need an elastic waistband again 😉

Hugs & Smiles



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