There’s no place like home


Happy Sunday!

When I moved out of my parent’s house 5 years ago I really didn’t think I’d ever be back. I never imagined my room would be my room again. Well, here I am! There’s nothing better than going from living in your own house with your husband and son to living out of a suitcase, in a room that used to be yours but doesn’t feel like it anymore, with your 2 year old son across the hall. Who needs space of your own, right?

In all seriousness, I am grateful to be staying here and I am sure it is just as strange for my parents having two extra people living in their home. Especially a little ball of energy toddler who can be, for lack of a better word, loud. They may not have been used to hearing The Wheels on the Bus being sung at 6:30am but they are now! What a great way to wake up if you ask me 😉

So why am I living in my parents house you are wondering? Because my husband received a transfer back home to the Rock! It was a long time coming but we finally sold our home and although my hubby had to go back to NS to tie up loose ends (like work his last few shifts and wait for the movers to come), me and A decided to stay here. In less than two weeks we’ll all be back together again as a family, living in our new home. So for now we are staying at Hotel a la Parents. Free rent and internet. Sweet!! haha

The best thing is, our new home will be a mere 2 hour car ride away from where me and my husband both grew up. Which means Air Canada won’t be required in order for us to see our family. That’s a relationship I won’t miss let me tell ya. Paying an arm and a leg for an hour long flight and 9 times out of 10 being delayed because somewhere in North America there is bad weather. Or tired pilots.

So three weeks ago I packed two suitcases (that ended up being 4) for me and A, and we left ‘home’. It was the first home we owned (even if it was for only 3 short years) and it was the only home A has ever known. As excited as I was to get back home to Newfoundland, I will admit I felt kinda sad when we drove away from our house for the last time.

We left a quiet little town where we had no family and only a few friends and most days were quiet ones, just me and A when my hubby worked. All that changed the second we got off the plane. We were welcomed by a large group of screaming, hollering people holding banners, balloons and flowers, all excited at our arrival. They were a nice group of strangers and I wish I could thank them 😉 haha. That group of strangers was of course our families, and it was a very warm welcome home.

I thought A would be overwhelmed by the number of people and amount of attention he was receiving. Who was I kidding? Being around his family, who he had only met before a handful of times and who literally watched him grow up on Skype and Facebook, was so natural to him. He adores his grandparents, both sets, and loves having his cousins to play with. It is like a whole new world to him. He is constantly surrounded by people, he is non-stop all day long. He is so content and so happy.

Not only is he happy, he brings so much joy to those around him. It’s amazing. I don’t even think anyone cares that I am here. It’s A they want to see! I watch his Nana T carry him around the park on her shoulders and both are laughing and smiling from ear to ear and I can’t help but wonder who is having more fun- him or her. I watch my dad roll around on the floor with A, putting stickers all over his face just so he can make A laugh. He goes to bed saying good night Nanny and Poppy, and asking when he’ll see his cousins again. Names that a month ago were just familiar to him now hold much more meaning. He is surrounded by so much love. He is surrounded by family. Finally. He knows family is more than just Mommy and Daddy.

When I lived in NS, I had no history in the town we lived in. Nothing tying me there. I know we won’t live here forever, but at least I was able to say I brought my son to the park that I grew up playing in. He’s been to my favorite restaurant and went shopping at the mall I used to work in. It’s kinda cool. Even if it means nothing to him.

And how can I forget to mention that after 2 years of going without, I now have HELP with A! I have babysitters! I can run errands, alone! I can go out partying and get drunk and not have to worry about my child – hahahaha! Joke. My George Street days are long over. I am more excited that I can go to my sisters after 8pm and watch a movie and eat nachos. Heck ya, now that’s a good time 😉  It just feels nice to be able to make a doctor’s appointment and not have to check my husband’s schedule first because I know there will be someone available to watch my son. It’s the simple things, really.

In the last three weeks I have seen a side of A that I hadn’t seen before. I thought he was a little shy when first getting to know people. I was wrong. He literally has been around so many new people, some even strangers to both of us, and he plays and shows off and asks people for their watches (he has an obsession with clocks and watches. At least now he can say the ‘L’ in clock. That was embarrassing for a while). He loves giving hugs and kisses to everyone and is so friendly, the opposite of shy!

He sings every nursery rhyme known to man and has literally mastered the alphabet. Sometimes to spice things up he sings heavy metal versions of Baa Baa Black Sheep and the Alphabet. It was alarming at first, now I find myself singing along. He has such a big personality and I am so very proud of him.

This move has been good for him and I can only hope that when we move again in a couple of weeks, to our new home,  that he won’t be disappointed that it will just be me and him again when Daddy works. I am sure he’ll be fine, and if he’s not I can always pick up the phone, call the same area code and ask Nanny and Poppy to come visit. OR I can put A in the car and drive to the City to see them. That is something we were never able to do before. It is something I will never take for granted.

Awwww……it feels good to be home. I just hope my second attempt at making A toutons goes better than the first time 😉  It’ll be my way of ‘screeching in’ a 2 year old. Toutons. LOL

Hugs & Smiles,