Phew! What a relief!


Happy Friday!

Since the last time I wrote, I have moved provinces and am now living back ‘home’. Not in the city I grew up in but not far from it. A car ride now separates me and my family, not a plane ride. Take that Air Canada! You won’t be seeing my credit card anytime soon 😉

Our physical address isn’t the only thing that has changed over the last month or so. Yes, my ever growing pregnant belly has also grown, but I was referring to my son. My 2 year and 3 month old little boy who has gotten louder, smarter, cuter, more independent and amazing yet frustrating all at the same time.

This child is loud. I don’t just mean he squeals with excitement and it could break glass kinda loud, I mean he sings a heavy metal version of the alphabet kinda loud. The running around the house playfully yelling BIG TRUCK so loud that I am sure neighbors can hear him. If it wasn’t so frustrating it’d be funny. But at 6am, or even 5pm at that matter, yelling isn’t necessarily cute. Look out if he wants something or isn’t getting his own way.  My ears ring, my eyes water.

It’s like since he hit the big 2 year mark, he grew and his brain had no problem catching up. I tell ya, the things he knows, understands and remembers amazes me. He’s clever and sometimes I have to remind myself that he’s only 2, he doesn’t understand a lot of things I tell him. Then there are times when I am shocked by the things he says and what he actually does understand. Two year olds are smart creatures, don’t underestimate them.

I can ask A if he wants toast or a waffle and get an answer. Kinda cool. If I give him something and he doesn’t want it, he says ‘don’t want it’. Kinda cool too. I like him being able to communicate with me. One day recently he told me to ‘hang tight’, as in wait a minute or hang on. I have no idea where he heard that but I guess he heard it somewhere. He repeats everything! I accidentally said “Oh shit” one day last week when I let a wasp into the house. Two seconds later I hear “Oh shit!” Oops!

Speaking of shit…..Aiden has been getting acquainted with the potty. We have had a few successes and some failures. Well today, he said he wanted to pee pee on potty, so we took off and went to the potty! I left his diaper off for 10 mins, watching him stand up, sit down, stand in downward dog position (not sure why) and then sit back down. So I left him alone for one second to go grab a diaper, figuring there was no pee coming. I hear him calling after me. Then he starts running. He has his hand stretched out in front of him. He says ‘”All done Mommy'” and wants to give me something. UH OH! All done what? What is it? Oh I see brown. Darn. ‘Oh please no, not again, don’t let that be a fistful of poop’. He unfolds his hand and gives me the unchewed portion of the chocolate chip oatmeal muffin he either found or was eating. PHEW! God love him! No poop!  Not sure why he chose to give the muffin to me instead of putting it in the garbage but I don’t really care!  I was relieved. Minutes later, diaper on, he poops. It’s a work in progress, this whole messy potty training business.

Mr. Independent wants to do everything on his own. ”Aiden DO IT”. Alright darling, if you want to attempt to open the pickle jar, go right ahead. 5 bucks says you can’t do it. So I wait patiently for the “Mommy help!!” and then give it a twist for him. Everything is MINE or MY DO IT. Getting in and out of the bathtub (sorry child, not happening), doing up his car seat belt, peeling his orange and of course, putting the straw in his drinkable yogurt. I pity the person who attempts to do that for him. Brace yourself for the yell I say.

If he hurts himself he immediately says “Call the ambulance”. It’s funny actually! No matter what it is, he asks me to call an ambulance because he needs to go to the doctor. It brings a smile to my face every time. I don’t call an ambulance of course, I just kiss it and it makes it all better. Move over Doc McStuffins, Doctor Mom is in the house 😉

He is also testing his boundaries at this age…..seeing what he can and can not get away with. Oh and he’s become a little defiant as well. Slapping is his new thing. It got better, now it seems to be getting worse. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, he’ll lean over and slap me. On my leg, on my face, doesn’t matter. Then he says ‘no slapping. Time out’. And so he goes for a time out. They don’t always work. I scold him. I even yell sometimes (although he tends to laugh, except when my hubby uses his stern voice, that gets his attention). I get at his level and talk calmly. I’ve tried it all. I tell him it makes Mommy sad when he slaps. I have threatened to take away toys, take his new tractor wall stickers back to the store. But he’s always a step ahead. He slapped me today and immediately had a time out. He didn’t even cry. He started peeling the stickers off the wall and said ”Take stickers back to store Mommy?”. More like a statement as in saying I know I did a bad thing, so this is what needs to be done. It is beyond frustrating! I honestly don’t know what to do. Suggestions welcome *sigh*

I lost a bit of patience somewhere along the way as well. I surprise myself sometimes for raising my voice when I don’t want to be, but sometimes I can’t help it. I am exhausted (and keep in mind hormonal from this pregnancy) and at 6am, repeatedly telling your son he can’t have a pickle tends to bring about aggravation. Shouldn’t he understand that it is too early in the morning for a pickle?? That it’s gross? Oh no, that’s right, he doesn’t understand, he’s only 2 😉

He is changing in many ways, one of which is he is turning into the sweetest little thing, and (for the most part) well behaved, and so very friendly. I can’t really complain. We may have a problem with slapping lately, but at least he knows enough to say “Sorry Mommy” while he bats his big puppy dog eyes. He tells me that he loves me, he gives the best hugs and little kisses EVER, and at bedtime, he sings “You are my sunshine” to me or with me. He cleans up his messes (well, tries to) and randomly tells me that “Aiden happy”. He holds my hand and even tells me to watch for cars when we go outside. He is adorable.

It is amazing to watch him grow. The good moments and the challenging ones are all part of it. I’m just relieved that the good moments outnumber the challenging ones. Most days 😉 On the hard days I tell myself, good thing he’s cute and good thing he’s mine 😉

Hugs & Smiles,