Act your age, not your shoe size


Happy Friday!

This morning my oldest son got into a fight with a Fibre 1 granola bar. I can’t even tell you who won. He’s at that stage where he wants to do everything himself. Everything. So I gave him the granola bar, he attempted to open it (as he has done in the past) and he couldn’t tear the wrapper. I offered to help but of course he said no. Instead he wrestled with the package until the granola bar was molded into the shape of his little hand. Still wouldn’t opened. He yelled at it, he wanted to throw it at the wall, I know he did, and yet he still wouldn’t accept my help. It would have been half comical if it hadn’t been my kid. Anyways, after literally 3 minutes he gave up and turned to me and said “Mommy, can you help me?” Of course I did what any loving Mother would do……I told him to do it himself and walked away.

No I didn’t!! Haha! Of course I never. Yes, that is what I wanted to do but I never. I said “Of course I will honey”, smiled and tore open the side of the wrapper and handed it back to him so he could take pride in pulling the mutilated bar out of the wrapper. He took two bites and laid it down and walked away. He was done. Seriously, that huge fight for two measly bites? Who am I to complain? I ate the leftovers 😉

Since Camryn has come along, I forget that Aiden is only 2.5 years old sometimes. It’s like in my mind, having a younger son should have aged Aiden. Making him more mature. I expect more of him now. Pre-Camryn, some things that would have been acceptable 2.5 year old behavior in my mind now seem childish to me, when really it is just normal 2.5 year old behavior. I admit that sometimes I feel like telling Aiden to grow up. I want to yell “You are almost three years old for god sakes!!”, when I see him throwing a fit because heaven forbid I took the straw out of the box when he wanted to. Truth is, I’m too busy and tired to deal with such excitement.

I have my hands full ever since Camryn came along so little tantrums like the straw one above frustrate me to no end. Here I am with a screaming 11 week old in my arms, trying to figure out some magic way to stop him from crying, while preparing a bottle and dealing with Aiden freaking out over a STRAW? I wanted to take the box of straws and say “Fine, get itself yourself you sook!” but instead I said calmly (well it seemed calm to my own ears) “Aiden, your brother is crying and I don’t need you to start too”.   

Dealing with two kids is fun 😉 For the most part things run relatively smoothly but things change by the day. Of course, situations always arise like this morning, when Aiden decided that the pillow that Camryn was laying against was the exact one that HE wanted to sit on (for the first time ever I might add). Well look out! He pulled the pillow out from underneath his brother so poor Camryn started to tumble sideways. Good thing I was close by so I caught him. Aiden better be prepared because I know little Cam is making mental notes and will one day give his older brother a good knock for the things he did to him when he wasn’t old enough to hold his own head up.

As always, you take the good days with the bad days. It’s funny how fast a good day can turn into a bad day and vice versa. I guess that is what happens when your day is determined by the moods of children. When Camryn is crying, Aiden’s reaction depends on his mood. Sometimes he will put his hands over his ears and yell “Camryn STOP crying!!!”. I tell him not to yell at his brother when I really can’t blame him because I am yelling the same thing in my head! Other days, I’ll find him sitting next to Camryn, as close as he can get, and asking him if he’s okay and telling him he loves him. It’s so sweet.

At times, Aiden can be a real A**. For lack of a better word. Sometimes he says things merely for shock value I am sure. “You did NOT just say that to me” I hear myself saying.  For example, telling me “I told you to go away Mommy. NOW”.  He thinks if he adds a smile, tilts his head and talks more gently, that he can get away with it. Smart little bugger.

He is too smart for his own good, I swear! I was reading him a bedtime story last night and it was a long one so I was skimming through it, leaving out a line here or there. Aiden noticed (of course) and said “Mommy, you missed a line! ” He then proceeded to recite the line that I ”accidentally” skipped over, as if he himself was reading the book. Amazing! “Aiden was right” he then said with a smile. He has an amazing memory. It blows my mind sometimes.

Then there are times when he really does act older than his age. “Mommy, I am upset right now because you closed the iPad before I was finished”. Here he is, telling me his feelings (I hope he keeps this trait as he grows up, he is male after all. lol). I apologize but remind him that he is only allowed to have the iPad for a certain amount of time, then he has to go back to playing with his ‘real’ toys. Then he falls to the ground in a fit of rage. Kicking and screaming. Oh yes, there’s that very subtle reminder that he is 2 1/2.. I just step over him and go pick up his brother. He’ll get over it, he always does.

This same small boy who cries when I close the iPad or wash his favorite blankie is the same boy who asks to snuggle with me, and his blankie, when he’s tired. He is old enough to tell me that he loves me (thisssssssssssssss much) and young enough to need me to hold him when he’s scared. Compared to his little brother he seems so big, so I guess that’s why in my mind he grew up overnight. But he never. His world just changed overnight and he is adjusting in the best way he knows how. Even if that involves a tantrum that is inconvenient for me.

He may be testing his boundaries and want to be Mr. Independent but the truth is, he’s still my baby. He will always be my baby. Having another baby doesn’t change that.



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