Day for Mom


Happy Saturday! The day before Mother’s Day.

Aww….good ol’ Mother’s Day. This day causes me much stress. Because I’m a Mother (and this day celebrates Mothers), I have high expectations for the day to be extra special, almost perfect. Ideally, I’ll wake up to breakfast in bed, the sun will be shining and birds will be chirping, and not only will I get extra sleep but my baby won’t fight his naps, won’t be teething, cry or spit up. My 3 year old will not throw a tantrum, give me attitude or refuse to eat lunch. To top it off, I may even get to pee alone. Why? Because it’s Mother’s Day, and like all mothers, I deserve all of this! And more! But realistically, will I get any of these things? Ha! I have my doubts.

Let’s be realistic here fellow Moms (especially those of young children). I know jewellery, flowers and candy are awesome (and I’ll see plenty of pictures and statuses on Facebook tomorrow, displaying just how awesome they are) but what would we really love for Mother’s Day? Honestly? Time away from our kiddies 😉 Sounds harsh but seriously, don’t tell me that a few hours with your girlfriends or a date with your partner or even a nice long solitary walk doesn’t sound absolutely divine! Well it does to me and I know it does to at least two other Mom’s (right C and S)?  😉

But if I can’t have a few minutes to myself, close seconds would be my baby taking an extra long nap, or both kids napping at the same time, or not having to pick wet rice off the floor or playdoh out of hair or carpet. Even better would be no tantrums or meltdowns. No tears. A long shower with no visitors or knocks on the door. A nap. Not having to reheat coffee 84 times (okay, I don’t drink coffee but I can imagine this happening). Supper made my someone else, anyone else. Those would be the real gifts. Money really can’t buy happiness my friends.

But the truth is, the reality of our days, our lives, are the things that make us Moms. Do we need and deserve a break from the daily stresses? The tantrums, boogers, spilled milk and dirty diapers? Heck yes. Will we miss these things once our wee ones are grown and no longer need us the way they do now? Absolutely. 

With my husband being a Man Baby (see previous post), I often complain lately that someone in my house always needs something from me. Around the clock, someone always needs something. It is frustrating at times, but there is also something to be said about being needed. I love that when Aiden is upset, no one else’s hug will do but mine. I love that he tells me that I am his BEST. That he loves my kisses. I love how Camryn reacts to the sound of my voice. I love how often, when he is crying, he calms the moment he is in my arms. Sure it could be he passes gas, but I doubt it. It’s me.

My Mother’s Day might not be perfect. Even if I do get a sappy card and roses (hint hint hubby), I can almost guarantee that at one point I’ll say to myself “Happy freaking Mother’s Day to ME!!” out of frustration. I can guarantee my kids won’t miraculously behave exactly the way I want them to simply because on the calendar is written two words, words they can’t yet read. Mother’s Day. But if it wasn’t for them, it wouldn’t be MY day. So thank you to my two boys and my hubby for giving me this day. Thank you for making me a mother.

Not everyone in life gets to experience this, and some don’t want to. But I do and I cherish every up and every down, every single day. Motherhood may not all be sunshine and roses, even though we hold out hope that for one day, Mother’s Day, it just might be. But the reality of it is, we are Mother’s every single day, and that is something to be thankful for. I raise my glass to each and every one of you!

I also wouldn’t be a Mother if it wasn’t for my own mother giving birth to me so it is only fitting for me to thank her for being two things to me. My mother and my friend. Mom, you truly are the best and I hope my boys love me as much as I love you. To my mother in law, you have been treating me like your own for over 16 years now. I am lucky to have you in my life. To my sister, who joined the Motherhood club a few years before I did, thank you for always being real with me. For warning me that having one kid is hard, and two is worse. You don’t realize just how amazing you are, as a mother and a sister. I’ve learned so much from you and would be lost without you. xo

Okay, I said no tears. I didn’t just mean from the babies. So….time for a late supper. Today’s special is toddler leftovers (mutilated egg and soggy toast). I hope the Mother’s Day special is better.

Hugs & Smiles,